Breathaboard has been really well received by the construction market as is seen as the future biocomposite alternative to plasterboard. The response has been great and we are taking the feedback from our recent UK Green Building Council project and working hard to scale up our manufacturing process to bring Breathaboard to a wall near you soon.

Thanks a million,

The Adaptavate team.

“We were drawn to Adaptavate because the products are low carbon, recycled and recyclable and have the potential to have a real positive impact on staff health and wellbeing. The products were easy to install and we will definitely consider it as a viable plasterboard alternative on future projects.”

– Tom Lacey, Director of Barr Gazetas Architects [Architect for UK Green Building Council Office Refurbishment]

“A low carbon, non hazardous product like this can only have a positive effect on the built environment.”

– Travis Perkins, Innovate Team.


Unlike drylining board alternatives, Breathaboard passively regulates the moisture in the internal space through its breathability and moisture buffering capabilities. Reducing pollutants in the air, the likelihood of condensation and mould or mildew occurring and occupant health problems such as Asthma.

100% Sustainable

All components are natural and sustainable. Breathaboard is completely biodegradable and non-toxic and the waste or off-cuts can even be used as a fertiliser!


Breathaboard is fire retardant.


Can be used on walls, ceilings and floors in any room in the house.

Acoustic insulation

Reduction in noise transfer in comparison to plasterboard.

Totally compostable

No wastage and no fee for disposal of waste.

Hassle-free installation

Installed in exactly the same way as plasterboard, only lighter weight.

Lower fuel bills

The insulating properties of Breathaboard provide a superior thermal performance compared to alternatives.

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