Breathaplasta – Ultra-Breathable Healthy Wall Plaster

Breathaplasta is a hemp lime plaster that is a healthier alternative to standard plaster and helps reduce your problems with damp and mould. Breathaplasta outperforms the competition by having better thermal performance, acoustic insulation, fire resistance and because it is sustainable and can even be composted.

Whether you are renovating, refurbishing or building, Breathaplasta provides an easy solution to creating a healthy living or working area. This hygrothermally high performing lime plaster regulates moisture and improves insulation to deliver a healthier and more energy efficient environment.

Breathaplasta is a lime plaster that is quick setting, quick drying and super easy to use. If you would like to learn more about the technical guidance or installation methods of Breathaplasta or read more about how it helps fight mould and condensation, please see our resources section.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Breathaplasta and the application of lime plaster on plasterboard and many other backgrounds.

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Breathaplasta is easily specified and installed in a wide variety of projects and surfaces.
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